Richard J. Schmidt, PhD, PE

"Timberlinx is a well-conceived fastening system.  The design values are based on direct physical tests following ASTM standard procedures for testing and data analysis.  The product line is versatile, and the connectors are easy to install.  Sales and support are first rate; I’ve never worked with anyone more customer oriented.  I’ve used Timberlinx products in my designs and have all the confidence in the world in the results."

Lancaster County Timber Frames

"TIMBERLINX are very effective at creating a reliable and easy to use timber connection that balances the structural capacity that we require with the high level of quality that our clients expect."

David R. Hourdequin, PE

"TIMBERLINX was the chosen connection system used to replace the massive steel multi-bladed knife plates and bolts for the connections on this log tower and other similar structures at the new Trail of the Tiger at the Norfolk Zoo. Timber pole sizes ranged from 6" in diameter to 24" in diameter for the main base poles and the first level of beams. Neil Maclean worked closely with the General Contractor to make sure their crew knew exactly how to install the connectors."

R.L. "Ben" Brungraber, Ph.D., P.E.

"We took one look at our first TIMBERLINX and had three immediate applications, and ones that fit smoothly into our existing details, that came to mind. Once the equipment and inventory had been in place long enough for us to gain confidence in its application, we started coming up with strengthened connections that were outside our existing details.

If you are interested in high and demonstrable connection capacities, coupled with relative fabrication and installation convenience, in a connection that can be detailed to hide the steel and fool the eye - well, then, the TIMBERLINX system is well worth your attention."

Logsmith Timberframe Structures

"As a small handcrafted timber shop that takes pride in fine joinery, I can find endless uses for TIMBERLINX. I add TIMBERLINX. when designing tension joints perpendicular to the grain in douglas fir.

In tension joinery, such as ridges and connecting girts, I have substituted all spline work for housed TIMBERLINX. connections. I also use them for post to pier connection, its easy and hidden. Engineers and building officials are happy, and we have become quite efficient in using them."