Timberlinx B155 Part

15.5" Pipe (B155)
$60.30/each on orders of 20+

  • Connector pins at right angle
  • B155 slots at 90º
  • Overall length 15.5"
  • Pin hole center to center 13-3/4"

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  • Designed to join two beams to a post (one TIMBERLINX for two joints)
  • 6x6" dimensional timber butt joints at the post
  • 8x8" dimensional timber 1" housed joints at the post
  • Replaces spline joint - great labor savings, with added strength
  • Join four beams to one post at the same point, using two connectors
  • Join large sill beams end to end
  • 15.5" and 17.5" connectors are frequently used in heavy timbers (10x10", 10x12" and 12x12"), installed through the mortise and tenon to give additional strength
  • A155 and B155 are exactly the same connector except for the orientation of the slots. This provides versatility where access to the pin becomes difficult.
Timberlinx B155 Part
Timberlinx B155 Part
Timberlinx B155 Part