Timberlinx AA675

6.75" Pipe (AA675)
$46.80/each on orders of 20+

  • "Half-connector" two pins parallel at one end
  • AA675 two slots at one end, parallel, internal thread at other end
  • Overall length 6-3/4"
  • First pin hole center from end of timber=2-7/8" Second pin hole center from end of timber=5-7/8" (when connecting post to concrete and post to steel)
  • Pin hole center to center, first hole= 5-7/8", second hole 11-7/8" + exposed threaded rod (when you use 2 AA675's + threaded rod to customize your own TIMBERLINX)

Also available in stainless steel

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  • AA675 and AB675 are double the strength of single slot TIMBERLINX
  • Designed to customize any length of TIMBERLINX you require at super strength
  • Concealed hold-down, wood to concrete (AA675 attached to 7/8" concrete expansion anchor)
  • Join wood to steel
  • Can be used with threaded rod and nut and washer 
  • Can be used with our custom made Lag Screw for Newel posts 
  • Can be used to Join Beams and Posts to existing Buildings (AA675 attached to 7/8" threaded rod with 7/8" nut and washer)
  • Customers are discovering new uses for AA675 every day
Timberlinx AA675
Timberlinx AA675
Timberlinx AA675