timberlinx a155 part

15.5" Pipe (A155)
$60.30/each on orders of 20+

  • Connector pins parallel
  • A155 straight slots
  • Overall length 15.5"
  • Pin hole center to center 13-3/4"

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  • Designed to join 2 beams to a 6 inch post (1 TIMBERLINX for 2 joints)
  • 6"x6" dimensional timber butt joints at the post
  • 8"x8" dimensional timber 1" housed joints at the post
  • Replaces spline joint - great labor savings, with added strength
  • Join 4 beams to 1 post at the same point, using 2 connectors
  • Join large sill beams end to end
  • Used a lot in Truss work 
  • Can be used to increase end distances
timberlinx a155 part
timberlinx a155 part
timberlinx a155 part