Timberlinx History

Timberlinx was invented in the late 1990s by now retired Timber Framer Didier Schvartz. Mike Preston and Neil Maclean then brought Timberlinx to the market in 2002. Timberlinx was born out of the need to give defined mechanical values to joinery with a traditional appearance. Timberlinx started out with one connector to join wood to wood and now has a suite of connectors capable of joining wood to wood, wood to concrete, and wood to steel. In fact we haven’t found a joint we cant do yet. Timberlinx can be installed as the joint is going together or in many cases installed after the joint is together. This provides the option to enhance or repair an existing joint. Timberlinx consists of a hollow tube with an oval hole in it where a expansion pin is inserted. Once inserted it can be expanded which will draw the joint together.