Preserve the appearance of traditional joints at a fraction of the cost

Timberlinx is a connection tube, inserted equally in both members of the joint and linked by two expanding cross pins.

Simple, Concealed, Adjustable
  • Easily installed using only an electric drill and jig
  • Completely embedded
  • Readily tightened at installation or later
  • Appears similar to mortise and tenon joint when plugged
  • Stronger than mortise and tenon
  • Fastest, most cost-effective timber joining system in the industry…PERIOD!

Patented & Certified
  • Certified by CCMC to new international standards (See Report #13091-R)
  • Certified for both shear and tension values

  • Wood/wood, wood/concrete, wood/steel connectors
  • To build timber trusses, newel deck posts, playground equipment
  • To repair old and deteriorating tenons
  • Range of sizes adaptable to every joint imaginable
  • Used as single or multiple units
  • Or in conjunction with mortise and tenon joints to enhance or supplement

TIMBERLINX will free your imagination from mechanical constraints